It’s said there are more drones than commercial aircraft. We’re not sure if that’s true, but we do know that many drones are unpacked, played with a few times and then either crashed or left to gather dust.

Being passionate about drones, we at HALO don’t like the idea of them sitting idle, so we’re keen to help people make the most of what is a big investment.

Drones have amazing capabilities and we want to empower you to realise their full potential.

There is little guidance available at the point of purchase, so unsurprisingly, you may feel nervous about crashing or losing your drone.

We have created a range of experience days to tackle these problems and cover a range of interests.

Please take a look at the courses below and get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Drone flight training demo

Pricing & how to book

Since no two experience days are the same, we don’t have a standard price. For more details and booking a date and location please contact us.

Pro Pilot

Our Pro Pilot experience day is about raising your flying skills as high as possible in a single day while minimising the cost. The day starts with a look at the basics of flight, including safety, before a one-to-one session with a professional drone instructor. Once you’ve grasped the basics, you’ll be trusted to practise alone while your instructor observes from nearby. After lunch, there’ll be a series of fun challenges to encourage gentle competition and improve your piloting skills.

Drone Builder

If you want to get under the hood and really understand how a drone works, or if the engineering element of it is what captures your imagination, Drone builder is the experience day for you. In the morning you’ll receive a kit drone and provided with guidance in order to build the drone yourself. By the afternoon you’ll be learning to fly it and taken through 1 to 1 tuition before being trusted to fly the drone on your own. Throughout this process, you’ll be harnessing the amazing simplicity of drones to deepen your understanding of the technology. You’ll take away from Drone builder the ability to imagine a unique drone of your own and, with the right tools, the skills it build it. 

drone building
2017 May, Poole Boat Show, Dorset-1 copy

Pro Photography

The world is full of exquisite aerial photographic opportunities. Little wonder then that drones are fast becoming the must-have tool in the amateur or professional cameraman’s tool kit. With this in mind, we designed the Pro Photography experience day to equip you to capture the best possible aerial images and footage. In the morning, you’ll learn from a professional how to fly a drone safely, then practice your new skills under their supervision. The afternoon session will focus on how to set up the camera on your drone* to capture quality imagery and footage. *This course requires you to bring your own drone

Bespoke Experience days


“Flock spoke to HALO about organising a bespoke event, because we were looking for a fun way to celebrate a big company milestone. Specifically, we were hoping for a really fun and educational day out with drones. We were blown away by how entertaining and informative the whole day was. HALO went out of their way to meet our requirements, organising an event close to our company head quarters in London. I would without a doubt recommend their services to anyone who has an interest in drones, or who simply wants a unique day of fun and learning with their team” Ed Leon Klinger Flock Cover

successful drone experience day

Course Details

  • What is included on an experience day?

    All the equipment necessary for the tasks and challenges. This will likely include the drones, course equipment, any tools necessary, instructors and venue. *You will need to bring your own drone for the Pro Photography course

  • What will I have to bring with me?

    Yourself, suitable clothing (sturdy boots, thick coat, thin gloves), suncream (if we’re lucky), food and drink (warm if its going to be cold). *You will need to bring your own drone for the Pro Photography course

  • Are there any prerequisites?

    These experience days are designed as introductions and therefore assume little or no prior experience.

  • Who can/should attend?

    Although these experience days are not primarily designed for commercial drone users, they do help inform the development of users with commercial intent and act as a fantastic stepping stone to build on. We have two types of courses, open which are for anyone to attend, and bespoke days are primarily used by organisations looking to put a group of employees through the same course. We will accept anyone no younger than 12 years old.

  • What skill level will I reach by the end of the day?

    You should come away feeling confident that you know the basics in ensuring safety and have minimal skills in order to do so. Essentially, you will be aware of what you don’t know, which is the first step towards creating competency.

Pricing & how to book

Since no two experience days are the same, we don’t have a standard price. For more details and booking a date and location please contact us.